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How to use the Track n Trail Freeride Booking in Program

Important Notice From the 1st September we have reset the Freeride program; therefore all riders booking in need to enter via the New Customer button and fill out their details.

Please Note: (This means absolutely everyone who has previously registered with us before September; all your details have been deleted; So you need to start again! Apologies, but this is the only way we can be sure to iron out any bugs from the system)

Once you are registered when returning to enter the next event you will just need to login, select the event you would like to enter and you are done! You will instantly receive an email to confirm your booking. We will also send you final instructions on the Friday before the event you are booked in for.

Please Note: Booking in for Freeride is completely different to booking in for Race Entries; The two are in no way connected so this means you will have different login details for each, please make a note of each login details for future reference.

Useful information: Please make a note of your login name and password; you would be surprised how many riders forget their login details! If you have trouble remembering your password we would suggest using your mobile phone Number for your password.

Any problems booking in: Ring our Mobile or Text us “FREERIDE” to 07581143212 with:

  • Your Name.
  • Date of Event.
  • Membership No if applicable

Forgotten your login details: Type in your correct email address in Forgotten my login Details box, (this can be found above the existing customer login box) then click “send me my login details” and all your login details will be instantly sent to you by email. Then book your Freeride!

Please ensure you put in your correct email address at all times or we will not be able to deal with your booking.

Thank you.